What's on your head?

& why it's big 'n beautiful hats

Welcome to my little mind.

Today, I'm going to be exploring what I think will be the hot HOT this summer, or at least what SHOULD be.

Ok, *figuratively* close your eyes

It's summer.

The birds are chirping, the waves are crashing. you feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin. What do you see? What are you wearing? My go-to is sunnies, an undone camp collar, and some linen blend shorts. What's missing in this picture...

Queue summer hats —

(& it's about time, really.)

Wide-brimmed hats have been on the cusp of a breakout for years now. Poppin brands, like the chic Euro Jacquemus, have been putting in work since 2017 with their options, offering everything from the classic bob styled hat — "Le Bob Artichat” (The Artichoke Bob), to a beautiful flat hat, and of course the misshapen WILD (& IG sensation) "Bomba chapeau".

These alone cover a vast range of occasions —

the bob for a relaxed beach vaca take on a bucket hat, something versatile but unique

the flat hat for a nice warm weather stroll -

And of course, the Bomba chapeau for when you want to really be seen.

Now it's getting late, you've left the beach, strolled through the little seaside town, and made polite conversation with locals. Before you know it, you’ve found yourself at a friend of a friend’s bonfire. The hat game is NOT over. Here comes the ever-so-shapeable crotchet hat, brought to you by your cousin who can knit, or a cool semi low-key brand like "Memorial Day" or Emily Dawn Long's "Hat Named Wanda" (rec’d on Perfectly Imperfect). Pull it low to cover the ears, fold it up to let in the breeze, go crazy, and express yourself through your hat's shape. Let it evolve through the night, you do you!

These just scratch the surface of what the hat world has to offer. Swap the crotchet hat for a Cloche for that French twist, or even a beret.

Going beyond hats that exist as fashion-first-accessories - many stem from a classic trade uniform, so if that termed “stolen valor” happens to be your vibe - embrace it. Wear that fisherman’s hat, newsboy, or army cap.

some thoughts …

Over the past several years we've seen the rise of caps. Dad hats reached a new peak in 2017/'18 and continue to show up everywhere, saturating the streets at never before seen levels (side note - with the rise of golf and tennis in fashion — will we see more and more visors?). Similarly, the rise of truckers has been taking the world by storm as the white-trash-cowboy aesthetic grows in popularity. Caps will always have their place, but what about the rest of the headwear world?

Cowboy hats have been getting some love (re white-trash-cowboy aesthetic), and bucket hats had a real moment when Schoolboy was dropping bangers on the beach in 2014. I say it's high time we level up. I'm ready to not think twice (think once?) when I see a giant floppy straw hat or a sea of bobs at the beach. Let's take the summer by storm and embrace the odd ones out in the hat world!

I love you all thank you for the support <3 Feel free to give me feedback, ideas, thoughts, or anything! DM me on IG @alpal.alpal.alpal.


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